About Us

Empower your coils and curls with hydration, vitamins and botanicals for longer, stronger, healthy hair.  Empower Beauty’s formulas for healthy hair addresses not only the common dryness and frizz coils and curls encounter, but nutrition for healthy hair and scalp as well.  Empower Beauty offers two formulas:

Vital-Mins Formula, which incorporates our proprietary blend of nutrients, Vital-Mins for healthy hair, with wonderful, touchable hydration

Repair & Regrowth Formula, which incorporates our Vital-Mins Blend, hydration and botanicals, with our proprietary botanical blend known to aid in the repair of damaged hair, such as brahmi.

Our products do not contain harsh chemicals, coloring or parabens.  Our products do not stop working with continued use.  We have found that nurturing and nourishing curls with our formulas only gets better the more you use them.

Empower your coils and curls today!