Curly Hair Tips for Kids

Kids look cute and lovely with those bouncy curls that the God has gifted them with. But it is hard to maintain those lovely curls on kids as they seldom allow to keep it lovely. If you are a parent finding it difficult to manage your kids curly hair, then here are some tips for you to follow.

You should first remember that the hair or kids are finer and thinner than those of the adults and therefore require more care and protection when controlling it with brushes or combs. Those wispy and thin curls are hard to be controlled that may fret your child often. But, it is your responsibility to maintain them properly so that it does not get frizzy and unruly as your child grows. Since a child does not know how to manage it themselves, you have to show that patience and care to look after the curly hair of your child. With some patience and good methods of hair care, you will soon find that the hair of your child grows long with neat and lively curls as she grows. Since frizzy hair is common with curly locks that are mainly due to its fine texture, you have to give more importance of how to control those frizz on your kid.

Until your little one has grown enough to manage and tame her hair herself, you should give all possible help to keep the frizzy tresses out of her way. You cannot always leave such fine and curly hair open as it can make the locks frizzy easily. So, try to keep them in control with tiny hair bands or clips that will tightly hold those unruly hairs. You can opt for a short cut for boy with curly hair until it becomes thick. You should choose a perfect haircut for your son so that it keeps the locks well controlled. In order to prevent the fine and curly hair of your kids from becoming frizzy, you should not always brush their dry hair and not also when they are wet. Always keep the hair detangled with your fingers softly. Never use diffusers or blow dryers on the tender hair of your kids for drying. Air drying is always recommended than other quick drying methods.

A Few Things You Should Know…

o Black hair is extremely fragile. A gentle touch is required to avoid unnecessary breakage and hair loss. Therefore, always use a wide tooth comb or pick when combing the hair. Avoid fine tooth combs as they snag and pull out curly/kinky hair. Invest in a quality brush; natural boar brushes are the best.

o Curly/kinky hair needs moisture, moisture, and more moisture! Consider this when purchasing hair care products. Avoid drying products such as hair spray, mousse, holding gels, etc. Opt for moisturizers, leave in conditioners, and styling lotions.

o All products are not created equal. Just because a product claims to be created for “curly hair” doesn’t guarantee that it will be suitable for ethnic curly hair. Products created for Nicole Kidman’s curly hair may not work for Angela Bassett’s. Caucasian hair tends to produce more sebum (oily secretion created by the sebaceous gland) than Black textured hair; therefore, Black hair requires more oil. Read, no, scrutinize the ingredient list. Look for natural oils and quality ingredients. Remember, the ingredients are listed in order of volume.

I hope these brief tips will encourage you to invest in the health of your child’s hair.

What You Need:

o Wide tooth comb or pick…the wider the better.

o Natural bristle brush.

o Hydrating shampoo.

o Moisturizing Conditioner.

o A daily moisturizer – this will add needed moisture, and ease comb-ability.

o Natural oils to apply to the hair.

o Cream hair dressing for light control of frizzes.

o Elastics for securing ponytails

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