Empowered Reps Program

Ready to Empower the curl, Come grow with us!

How the program works/Getting Started:


Thank you for your interest in our Empowered Reps Program.  We are excited to have you come grow with us.  Whether you are looking to supplement your income, or are a seasoned sales pro, you will find it easy to get started in our program.  Here at Empower Beauty, we are revolutionizing the personal care industry by incorporating high quality natural ingredients, and nutritional support in our hair care products.  Your customers are going to love the results they see with use of Empower Beauty’s product lines, and you will have the opportunity to build your income, be your own boss and be part of the natural personal care revolution.

How it works:
Our Empowered Reps program pays you commission of 30% on all products sold.  You can make sales and place customer orders at any time during the month.  You collect the retail price from your customers.  When you place your customer orders/re-orders with Empower Beauty, your cost is reduced by 30%, immediately giving you your 30% commission.  As an Empowered Rep, you are considered an Independent Contractor for Empower Beauty, LLC.

You may also place individual customer credit card orders/re-orders directly to Empower Beauty for direct shipment to your customer via our website at https://www.empower-beauty.com, or you may email orders/re-orders to orders@empower-beauty.com.  You can find electronic order forms to download at the Empowered Reps site.  You must enter your Empowered Rep code so that we can pay your commission on these orders via PayPal.

Shipping:  Orders are shipped directly to you for distribution to your customers.  You may also request shipping to individual customers, you will need to ensure that the shipping charge is included in the customer order.

PayPal Account:  You must have a PayPal account for payment to you for customer credit card orders placed at Empower Beauty’s website so that we may track and pay your commission.  During registration, you will be asked for your PayPal name.


Getting Started:

Empowered Rep Kit:  You must register and order your Empowered Rep Kit, at a 30% discount ($102.87 plus shipping, $13), which will include (1) 8 oz size of each product in our Vital-Mins, Repair & Regrowth line, and Flax Gel that you may use for display and/or sampling.  Your kit will contain brochures and bags.

Sales:  You determine what works best for you in your Empowered style.  You can choose to host parties or build a network of clientele, or may already have a network that you would like to introduce to our product line.

Register & Rep Kit Order:

Reps Program Form