Q:  What is in the Vital-Mins and Botanical Blend proprietary blends?  Why do you not state what they are?

A:  We do not divulge the full spectrum of our Vital-Mins or Botanical Blend ingredients as we are a small company, and have spent years on research and development of particular vitamins, minerals and botanicals that we found to bring the best results to coils and curls. 

Q:  Should I use heat styling on my hair when using your Vital-Mins or Repair & Regrowth lines?

A:  No.  Empower Beauty products have been formulated with the Naturalista in mind, and should allow the hair to air dry to keep our coils and curls long and strong.  Our products do not contain heat protectants or silicones.  Should you use heat on your hair, you will want to use a separate heat protecting product.
Q:  The color of the products in the Repair & Regrowth formula line look a little brown or off-colored.  Why is that?

A:  Our products to not contain any dyes or colorants.  The product color, is the result of the botanicals steeped in distilled water used to formulate our Repair & Regrowth product line.