How to Grow Curly Hair

Growing curly hair usually requires extra time compared to growing other types of tresses because it takes time for curly hair to reach considerable length. If you are trying to grow curly hair longer, you have to keep in mind some things concerned with the growth of your locks. Patience is the key to growing longer hair as hair requires tenderness in order to stay healthy while growing. Only after you have enabled your tresses to stay healthy can you expect it to get longer.

Before you start growing curly hair, here is what you should know about hair growth. Hair is renewable only at its roots. Once it comes out of the scalp, it is nothing but dead protein and is susceptible to all kinds of environmental hazards. On average, people have about 100 000 strands of hair on their head which undergo everyday wear and tear. Think about it. Your mane is constantly exposed to brushing, drying, styling, washing, chemical processing and what not. Even the most resilient of fabrics wouldn’t stand that for a long time. Even with the best care, your locks tend to get old as it grows longer. This is why it is necessary to constantly refresh it.

One of the more important things to do is to make dietary changes. Hair is made up of a special type of protein called Keratin, so making sure you have enough in your diet will make your hair healthy. Eating foods from all the food groups is essential to your health anyway, and making sure you have more protein in your diet will help your curly hair grow faster. Some foods that contain proteins that will benefit you consist of: nuts, poultry, fruits, grains and eggs; bacon is another food high in the proteins and the Vitamin B complex, but it’s also high in fat content.

Actually taking a vitamin supplement is always good idea and there are many multi-vitamins on the market that would fit you. There are other vitamins and minerals believed to help with hair growth such as: biotin, beta-carotene, and biosil, B-Complexes, magnesium, Sulphur, zinc, silica, nettle and flax seed oil.

A good vitamin for hair growth should contain all the nutrients needed for good health as well as those for good hair growth; especially biotin and MSM. Biotin helps with cell growth, the making of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. MSM helps in lengthening the hair’s growth phase allowing your hair to grow longer. You don’t need to use an amino acid for growing longer hair as they are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are found mostly in animal meats like poultry, fish, eggs and even milk products. Most Americans eat enough of these proteins that they are getting the right amount of amino acids; only strict vegetarians should be concerned and perhaps add the supplement to their diet.

Avoiding stress is another thing you should keep in mind if you would like to grow z curly mane. Stress causes your hair follicles to fall out. You should use a herb called shikakia which can help thicken your mane. This will help the follicles to spread and will help yield a stronger mane which will contribute to the overall hair quality.

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