Managing your Curly Hair

Cleansing, Conditioning and Controlling – The three C’s essential in maintaining curly hair. Finding products that work best for our curls and coils is our first objective in our natural hair care regimen.  You may also need to use different products at different times of the year – in the summer, you may need something to help control coil frizziness, and in the winter you may need something to help your hair moisture, depending on where you live. What we can all understand, is that curly hair can be a blessing or a burden, depending on our natural hair care routine.

With regards to natural hair care, Empower Beauty Products have been a great help to women who need help with their curls and coils.  Empower Beauty LLC is a small company, we have spent years on research and development of particular vitamins, minerals and botanicals that were found to bring the best results to coils and curls. Empower Beauty’s products have been formulated with the Naturalista in mind, balancing the coils need for moisture and hydration, with the need for strength and elasticity, allowing the hair to air dry to keep our coils and curls long and strong.  Our products do not contain heat protectants, parabens or silicones.  We allow the curl to do what it does best, bounce.


Our biggest concern in shampooing, is stripping the hair of moisture and hydration that leaves our coils at risk during styling.  Whether you choose our Repair and Regrowth or Vital-Mins Shampoo, you will remove the worries over shampooing your curls with shampoos that gently cleanse your hair while leaving it hydrated, stronger and ready for your styling routine.


For regular conditioning/co-washing, our Conditioner/Co-Wash wonderfully infuses hydration, conditioning and strengthening botanicals into each coiled strand, bringing your curls to life, stimulating the scalp for better growth and smoothing frizz into perfect curls.


When shampooing,  by massaging it into scalp, and gently working through to the ends there will be less breakage and tousling of the hair which weakens the bonds.

After shampoo or co-wash, mist on our Leave-In conditioner as the beginning of your styling routine to add moisture, light conditioning, strength and detangling, to ease
comb-through.   Make sure your curls bounce back, not break.

Massage conditioner at the scalp and work gently through the ends of hair.  You can use a wide tooth comb to ensure even distribution before rinsing. I find that Repair & Regrowth products leave my hair silky soft, with no frizz, breakage.

After using the Repair & Regrowth products, loosely wrap a towel around the head for about 10 minutes, or gently blot hair dry without rubbing.  Use fingers to get out tangles, and shape  curls, letting them air dry.  Your hair will feel & look great.  If your curls and coils are damaged, try our  Repair & Regrowth Protein Treatment once per week, for smooth, hydrated healthy curls and scalp.

Some curly hair needs a moisturizing shampoo, while other curly hair needs a strengthening shampoo.   Conditioners should always be used when you wash your hair, no matter how often you shampoo.  Many of us curly girls prefer the co-wash option.  Lastly, you’re going to want some type of product to control your frizz.  No matter your cleansing choices, Empower Beauty has your curls and coils covered.  And you won’t need a cabinet full of products to have the look you desire.

Last but not least, embrace your curls and the beautiful you.  Be good to your curls. Don’t be afraid of the less tame days. Let your hair down, and set your curls free.

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