Hair and Liver Health

We often talk about hair health in terms of what we put on our hair.  Today, I want to talk about what we put IN our bodies that affects the health of our hair, in particular, how the health of our liver can be depicted in our hair.
Did you know that a sluggish liver can show in your locks?  Being the largest and most important organ in our bodies, the health of our liver can show in many areas of our health, but also, in our hair.  So, if you are experiencing difficulties with your coils, you may want to consider assessing any other health issues you may be experiencing.  Are you fatigued, even after getting plenty of rest?  Do you gain weight easily or find it difficult to impossible to lose weight?  Do you have skin issues such as acne or rashes?  Do you experience brain fog?  Do you find you overreact to situations you experience in life?  If you are answering yes to any of these issues, then your liver may be congested.  Being the filter for our body, and...
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