What is the meaning of being a naturalista?

Naturalista, a term that appeared overnight and turn out to be immediately connected with natural hair and the natural hair development. Most ladies with natural hair recognize themselves as “naturalistas”, yet then what is the real meaning of naturalista?

In urban dictionary, it implies a Black female who takes pride in her Black (hair that is not permed or been artificially changed in any case). A naturalista is somebody who wears their hair the way that it actually becomes out of their scalp. This could mean they have wavy, wavy or “kinky” hair. Whichever “hair style” they may relate to, they cherish and acknowledge themselves since they know and comprehend that they are excellent in their own lives.

All things considered, a naturalista isn’t characterized by regardless of whether she is an African American with “natural” hair. A naturalista is any female who praises her characteristic magnificence. Being a naturalista is a lifestyle.

A natural woman committed to the  development of her own natural beauty without the utilization of any chemical procedure. A Naturalista gladly advances the development of her own healthy hair with the help of braids and twists . Alongside various sorts of textured hair, Naturalistas realize what is best for their own hair type. These days, numerous Naturalista lovers share their natural hair journey experiences through blogs and give numerous tips on the most proficient method to develop their  hair naturally, without the utilization of harsh chemical substances.

Numerous naturalistas embraced their natural hair much sooner before it was acknowledged in standard society; we are still breaking the mold everyday. There are a few of us who have developed to love our hair sometime down the road. Whatever each of our individual battles have been in figuring out how to acknowledge the very thing that becomes out of our head, I understand that it is not society that requires to acknowledge our hair. It’s us.

Going through life feeling a notion that in order to be liked, we have to hide our real hair or change its pattern makes no sense. We need to realize in ourselves that our hair is gorgeous in its own unique way. Sure, it’ll take time but as soon as we become confident in our natural way everything will fall into place.

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