Why do I love my curly hair?

My curls has become a greater part of my life. Before I dont really like my curls, but when I embraced my curls, it helped me a lot and made me at ease with myself.
I would have exchange for a straight hair before since I really did not know how to care for my curls. My hair has a really nice volume though. When you’re really young and trying to fit in with school and your friends, I just want to be everybody else. I want straight hair before. I started straightening my curls and although the straightening process itself was quite annoying, I didn’t mind putting my curls through it. That is, until I noticed my hair looking straw-like and then I knew I had to change my way of thinking about my curly hair. Looking back now, I think it’s funny how I feared even that smallest drop of rain.

For anybody asking why I love my curls, and what are its pros having a really nice naturally curly hair. Here it is:

Well, admit it, somehow it really draws attention.
And, you do have an exotic look. (most men like exotic haha)
When you have a beenie, you look super duper cute with it
You can save a lot of money on shampoo I dont have to wash it everyday
water can be your best friend, ah you wont fear the rain anymore
Your curly hair keeps you warm in winter, does it?haha
it’s so versatile it’s never boring and also It’s so unique and special and it looks good at the beach
embracing who you are, being a good example for little girls teaching them to love themselves and to be proud you have the freedom to be you

Instead of obsessing over a strand of hair that would not curl properly, I chose to see my curls as something that made me unique and different from everybody else.

Having positive thoughts about my curls was a real game changer.

You should too!

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